AGEN’s, “Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Expansion Initiative.” 

The survival of our planet relies on good quality clean air, water and soil. There is now more of a critical need to produce enough healthy food to support our growing population and its wellbeing. Unfortunately, mankind’s energy needs and the power-generation it takes to meet that need have had a negative impact on the world’s environment and adversely affect our crops’ yields and health. 

AGEN will use all its expertise, professional connections along with our patents and proprietary systems to replicate AGEN’s multi-fueled, multi-business operation. We will use our advanced and cost-effective   technology from our group of affiliates regarding the environmental use with: Coal, Oils, Waste-oils, Bio-mass and Bio-waste streams and other municipal and industrial waste supplies, to help address the world’s clean energy, agriculture and health needs of today and build on tomorrow’s success. 

AGEN’s team of professionals are passionate to invest in the turn-around of any negative coal or oil-fired burning power-plant environment or lack of reliability and high costs issues. That is why we are introducing our Healthy Agriculture and Clean Energy Expansion Initiative

Regards to Agriculture; our initiative will utilize the power-generation plant’s different wastes (heat, ash, pollutants and water) to reshape the local agriculture. One strategy is to increase yields and extend growing seasons by utilizing greenhouses. The greenhouses would get warmed by the heat from the power-plants and would have their soils enriched and fertilizers by the compounds that AGEN stripped away from the smoke-stacks, ash piles, and boilers’ waste-water. These nutrients, fertilizers and new clean water supplies will be a major benefit for the local farmers to advance their crop yields. 

Regards to Energy; our initiative will increase an electric power-plant output and reliability, while decreasing its operating cost and harmful air emissions, wastewater and ash. One special benefit of using a higher efficient multi-fueled power-generation planet is that the operator is less dependent on any one fuel or provider as well as being more insulated from fuel price increases since the operator can switch